bloodlust part 2

I realize that people don’t always read the comments when they come here. Sometimes they do, though. Either way, this comment on my last post deserved pointing out, because it pretty succinctly sums up the heart of exactly what I was trying to say in my previous entry.

Mike B. says,

I went and saw the movie Law Abiding Citizen this week. It turned out to be a total gore fest. My wife and I left 30 minutes in when the main character used a steak bone like a machete to the side of someone’s neck.

I understand it’s fake. However, I believe these two entities feed off each other. Take movies like Saw, and Hostel, there is nothing entertaining about either one. Yet people flood the movies to see them all in the name of “entertainment.”

The pursuit of Holiness makes no distinction between fake death and real death. Followers of Christ as a whole, need to stop finding the “line” not to cross.

Put away things that do not edify. And if it doesn’t bother you, it needs to.


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