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So, do you trust Me?

I’ve had multiple conversations with different (and consequently, unrelated) people as of late, and it’s all been regarding the exact. same. topic.


Not trust between two people, but rather, how much we trust God.

As Christians, it’s easy for us to “say” we trust God, but it seems more and more these days that there is a line between really trusting God for things, and just giving it lip-service.

Don’t get me wrong, I know what it means to be in the valley. I also know what it means to be on the mountaintop. I’ve had my share of both experiences over the last few years, and anyone who’s being honest with themselves will tell you that it’s always easier to have this kind of trust on top of the mountain. But having been in both spots, I can tell you that while it’s easier to trust on the mountaintop, it’s more important to trust in the valley.

I’ve heard so many people who say they trust God, but don’t show it by their actions, and the words they say that differ from the canned responses they give to the Sunday morning crew (for clarification, the Sunday morning crew are most of the people you encounter on a Sunday morning while sporting your best clothes and your Denteen-gleem smile). Their giveaway is in the everyday talk. It’s on the “reality” of the sickness they’re going through, or in the “counsel” they get from a secular psychologist, who is supposed to have the “answers” to their “problems”.

It seems that the line between truly trusting in God and just saying we are trusting in God is in the everyday life. Now, I’m not taking anything away from the person who gets discouraged from dealing with the day to day grind of an ongoing infirmity, and I’m certainly not knocking anyone who has issues of any nature that, in most circumstances, require the advice or guidance of a professional in that field. But what I am saying is that we have what the doctors and hospitals don’t have…….a faith in the Great Physician. And we have a resource with all the answers that no man can ever give us…..the Bible. But when the going gets tough, where do we turn? We turn to man. And no less, men trained in the secular fields that do not acknowledge or comprehend the Hope that lies within.

But does that Hope REALLY lie within? Or do we just say it does? I said earlier that I’ve had times in the valley. Truth be told, my times in the valley over the last 7-8 years have been so desperate, that at times I sincerely felt like giving up….giving up on God, giving up on the faith of my youth (which yes, is child-like at times), and giving up on the program of God and what He’s called me to. At those times, through the tears and the pain, I’ve rested my problems, my insecurities, and my issues at His feet. Sometimes willingly, sometimes begrudgingly. Thing is, He saw me through….and He saw my family through.


So what’s the difference between me, my wife and kids, and others around us who do not look at their faith and their life the same way? We don’t have the answers, but we know Who does. We don’t discredit or deny what the “professionals” say, but we also don’t accept it as truth just because they said it was truth. Because truth and reality are two different things. “Truth” might say that I am unsuccessful because I don’t have a college degree; “Reality” says that my God supplies all my needs. “Truth” says that my son had a partially-collapses lung; “Reality” said that it was fully restored, with no sign of a tear, less than 8 hours after diagnosis.

“As for me and my house….”, we live in reality. Reality is not the world you see, it is in the Unseen. Because the Unseen can walk into the hospital room and touch an infirmity with His hand. The Unseen can touch a mind warped by issues and traumas, and restore wholeness. That’s the reality I choose to live in.

I want to live in the reality He gives, not the “reality” we see.



hands reach out but fall short of your grace skin tears from bone scratching at this dirt that stains with sins i cannot utter in the quiet of this madness screams sound like whispers escaping this cracked vessel longing to be heard crying to be acknowledged but falling on the deafness of those who pretend to know you i’ve been this way before and i’ve seen what these motives bring i cannot remember the last time i felt this weak i will claw my way up through tears and blood none the wiser but fashioned over time i keep circling around this mountain i know i was made to climb.