I posted this elsewhere, but thought it fitting to put it here as well.

-I’m thankful for my wife, who in every sense is the completion of everything and anything I am, and who supports, loves, and helps me be the person I should be.

-I’m thankful for my 3 sons, all of whom put a smile on my face at least once a day.

-I’m thankful that in His loving grace, God saw past who I was, who I am, and instead sees who I am becoming. His mercy on me is felt on a daily basis.

-I’m thankful for every person I’ve ever come across or come in contact with, good or bad. You can glean something off every single person you cross paths with, no matter how brief.

-I’m thankful that even though there was a time during this year that things really sucked (for lack of a better way of defining it), God in His infinite wisdom helped us look to Him, helped us learn how to REALLY trust Him, and saw us through it all.

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