Monthly Archives: November 2007


I posted this elsewhere, but thought it fitting to put it here as well.

-I’m thankful for my wife, who in every sense is the completion of everything and anything I am, and who supports, loves, and helps me be the person I should be.

-I’m thankful for my 3 sons, all of whom put a smile on my face at least once a day.

-I’m thankful that in His loving grace, God saw past who I was, who I am, and instead sees who I am becoming. His mercy on me is felt on a daily basis.

-I’m thankful for every person I’ve ever come across or come in contact with, good or bad. You can glean something off every single person you cross paths with, no matter how brief.

-I’m thankful that even though there was a time during this year that things really sucked (for lack of a better way of defining it), God in His infinite wisdom helped us look to Him, helped us learn how to REALLY trust Him, and saw us through it all.


Holidays suck.

Ok, so they don’t suck, but approaching Christmas time, I’m again reminded of how consumer-driven we’ve become. Midnight sales, 5am sales, 2 day sales, 4 day sales, ad nauseum. It all gets a little tired. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those “Buy Nothing Friday” types, or totally anti-consumer, but I think this time of year reminds us more of our drive to get “stuff”, and less about things that should be important to us, like loving others, giving, and the gentle reminder of who Jesus is in our lives. There’s a balance in all of it, though. Honestly, we shouldn’t have to use a holiday to remind us of the One who came to earth to redeem mankind. We shouldn’t have to use a holiday as a reason to give unto others. But instead of this being engrafted as part of who we are, we wait for a man-ordained holiday to help spur us to have “goodwill towards man”. And it always makes me wonder, why do we have to do that? Because we are self-absorbed, self-centered, and only concerned with the here and now, rather than the future.

I’m becoming more self-aware of how I’m enabling my kids by ravaging them with “things”, rather than teaching them the importance of giving, or of even doing without some of those things that aren’t necessary. It’s sad that before every holiday, and before every birthday, we have to do a purge of the kids closets and toy chests, in an attempt to make room for the next surge of things. But it is becoming an all-too-familiar event. It’s a hard lesson learned, a hard change to make, and a hard truth to swallow.