Monthly Archives: October 2007


I wish things were more simple sometimes. I’m watching “Fiddler on the Roof” currently, which automatically makes me think of the first time I watched it when I was younger. Things seemed much easier back then. Different set of issues, I suppose. Truth is, life probably seemed just as difficult back then as it does now, just in a different way. I also suppose it’s true that with responsibility comes the realization that much of what you deal with as an adult is by your own doing. Much of what you have to confront day in and day out is not from things out of your control, but rather caused by your own hand.

Times like this make me want to shut off from the world completely. I don’t want to talk to anyone. I don’t want to socialize. I don’t want to talk on the phone. Again, truth be told, I’d like to go somewhere to escape everything. I guess that’s part of the whole equation, too. As much as we don’t want to confront our own situations, running from them is futile, and many times, not even possible. If we CAN run from our issues, it’s only temporal, and you usually can’t get very far. Inevitably, our problems will catch up with us. It serves no purpose to run, for if we confront, we can overcome.

Confront, and overcome.


figure it out, son.

Sometimes I get sick of trying to figure things out. I know the flipside of that is just to say, “hey, just trust in God, He’s in control”. Yeah, I know that’s true, but sometimes the pat answers just don’t do it. I mean, I believe in God, I trust in Him, I give Him all I’ve got (or at least I try to), but sometimes the answers just don’t come easily.

I don’t doubt Him, I just wish He’d show me a little bit more of the big picture.

Straight Edge XXX

I saw a 16 year old kid at the mall the other day, dressed head-to-toe in straight edge gear.

Not band stuff, mind you, but a hoodie that said nothing else anywhere on it but STRAIGHT EDGE across the front.

Come see me when you’re 21 and still straight edge, kid. For God’s sake, you’re 16…….you’re SUPPOSED to be straight edge.