So this is what ‘old’ feels like

Originally posted on 7/6/06

This week I turn 32. No milestone, but I’m realizing that with 3 kids, and memories of my parents at this same age, the clock is not slowing down.

I remember my dad turning 30. He’s 57 this year. I remember going on trips. I’ve seen pictures, and been told, ‘We were your age when we went to _______.” Ex-cuse me?? Come again? There’s no way you were the same age as me right now when we went there. But oh, yes, it is true. It’s only harrowing because I remember those trips, I remember those times, and to me, as the child, my parents are just the same now as they were back then. It’s as if time passed by, but they stood still. It’s surreal.

It is frightening in a way when you can remember your parents doing the same things with you as a child that you do with your kids now. But I don’t know that that is a bad thing. I do things with my kids that my parents did with me, and I see the same joy in their eyes that I remember as a child. Sporting events, playing at the park, going on vacations…..those same joys I knew, I see in them. Seeing things like this from a different perspective is one of life’s greatest joys. And I’m thankful for the groundwork laid by my parents. Their example is what I follow as a father now. The things they did with me, and who they are, both as earthly parents and as spiritual guides, shaped who I have become, and continue to work on being, as a father, husband, and mentor to my family.

I’m thankful for that, and that is the best present I could ever get. Growing old is not a bad thing. It IS dependant on your outlook though. You can embrace it for what it is, or take a defeatist attitude about it. I choose to embrace it. Growing older, thinning hair, no longer being the ‘cool’ guy (although my wife would contend I never fully grasped that one), and not quite being in the shape I was in during younger years (although you’re NEVER too old). I guess it comes down to perspective: not looking at the time that’s gone, but looking ahead at all the potential today, tomorrow, and beyond holds.

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