Peace in uncertainty?

I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m completely uncertain about everything.  I have recently answered God’s call on my life to preach.  Now, contrary to what one might thing that entails, it did not involve a lightning bolt from the sky.  I didn’t visit a burning bush, and I didn’t hear the booming voice of James Earl Jones tell me, “Go….preach!”.  God had been dealing with me about this for the past year or so.  I had been arguing with Him about it for longer than I can remember.  Finally, on September 10th, I gave in.  He spoke to me in such a real way, there was no denying it.  Long story short, through the confirmation of at least 3 people, God showed me what I’ve been missing all along–the fact that He wants to use me………ME, to share His word in a deeper way.  I can understand how that might sound arrogant or pompeous, but believe me when I say that couldn’t be further from the truth.  I am immensely humbled by the things God has shown me over the past few weeks, and I am equally excited about what plans the Lord has for Theresa and I.  Since that time, my pastor has asked me to step into the position of elder at the church.  I had been, since mid-September, been asking God for that ‘invitation’ I knew He had (although I had no idea on the timeframe).  After seeking Him and continually (and I do mean continually) asking, He showed me that the ‘invitation’ I’d been seeking was right in front of me.  This is what God has for me (as well as Theresa) right now.  When it’s time for the next step, He’ll open the door.  That is so exciting to me.  Knowing that you are in line with God’s program and plans provides a peace that cannot be equalled.  It’s in the storms of life that we sometimes find the answer.  Other times, the answer comes before the storm, but it makes the storm that much easier to weather.  I will rest in Him, not only now, but for the years to come.  He placed a call on my life years ago, as a child.  I forgot about it, but God never does.  Once He puts a call on your life, it’s there to stay.  You might push it aside, ignore it, forget about it, but God never does.  He waits, patiently, allows you to make mistakes and do your own thing, but after all that is said and done, He’s still right there, waiting to open the doors of purpose so that you can step into everything He wants for you.

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